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A sad fact is that many students don’t know how to get the best out of themselves. We offer courses and talks on motivation, studying, revising and how to reduce anxiety.

  • Helps students to develop the skills and attitudes that will help them to be academically successful. 

  • Interactive, engaging sessions.

  • Based on the work of leading neuro-scientists and educators.

  • Informs, empowers and offers practical ideas as to how teenagers can learn to understand what is happening with how their brains are changing.

  • Delivered in a variety of formats.  

The course covers areas such as:

  • How to improve your memory

  • How to build self-confidence

  • How to study and learn more effectively

  • Time Management

  • How to motivate yourself

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the scholars programme
and discussions

We lead talks both to and with students on the following topics:

  • How to revise

  • Be less anxious

  • Be more motivated

  • Get the best out of your brain

  • Stoicism

  • Social issues e.g racism, classism and political awareness.

You can tell that Andy is an award-winning presenter and a world class communicator in the way he gets his message across. His message: We can all achieve, we can all find happiness and we can all learn to prioritise and manage our time better so we become the person we want to be

Carel Buxton

Former Headteacher, Redbridge School, London

If you are interested in any of

our sessions or programmes

please visit our contact page here. 

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