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Dramatic Recovery aims to educate and entertain through performance based learning. We cover a wide array of topics for young people aiming to make learning about important issues informative and fun. We work within Primary and Secondary School’s to explore and educate young people on the importance of taking care of your mind. We have created interactive workshops all bespoke to the needs of the school, staff and students. We cover sessions on anxiety, confidence building, managing emotions, reducing negative thinking and many more. Each session includes elements of drama that helps young people express themselves and use characterisation as a platform.


Our work in schools involves educating young people about the importance of understanding mental health and exploring topics in a safe space that are seen as taboo. All of our work is performance and arts-based which makes each session with us engaging and interactive for students.

We host workshops and performances for children of all ages about the subjects below: 

Working with Anna and Megan was a privilege and inspiration. From day one our students came out of the session with smiles from ear to ear. They instantly developed relationships with the girls and identified areas that each student needed to work on and strategies they could use to overcome fears and anxieties around person situations, school life and reacting to things differently. All to reduce panic, but promote confidence and be happier in their own skin. 
The programme culminated with a video where all of the students reflected on their journey and things they had learnt. They talked about what they will put into practice and things they will take away from working with Anna and Megan and use in every day life. 
After speaking with our students, we all agree that Anna and Megan are fantastic mentors and role models for young people from all walks of life, experiencing struggles that at the time seem they will never get over, however having the opportunity to work with people from the same generation- it offers a different, more positive outlook. We look forward to be working with Dramatic Recovery again soon. 

ed parker
assistant progress lead
all saints catholic high school

On Saturday 16th February 2019,  Anna and Megan from Dramatic Recovery came to do a workshop with my dancers aged 6-15. The dancers are currently getting ready for North West championships and I felt they needed an extra push with their performance skills. Anna & Megan were able to tap into the fun side of performance & explore different techniques for the dancers to use - engaging their facial expressions and how body language can contribute to minor details. A number of the dancers are experiencing difficultly with teenage life & both of the girls were able to relate - creating an opening talking space for the girls having only met them that day. I was so impressed by how professional both Anna & Megan whilst maintaining a relaxed learning environment for all groups, all abilities. We will certainly be welcoming Dramatic Recovery back on a regular basis at my dance school.

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"Dramatic Recovery came into Range High School to do a drama workshop for our year 10 GCSE pupils on social media and the effects on young people. Thank you to the team! They were well prepared and organised. Professional and easy to talk to. They established a great relationship with the students and the workshop was engaging and fun. All sessions opened up some interesting discussion for future exploration. We would welcome the group back again!"





Discussions and interviews about the importance of arts in schools and how it can have a positive affect on issues such as mental health...

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