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Social Prescribing is a growing movement that connects people with a variety of non-clinical interventions and programmes in their local community. For example creative activities, mental health counselling, art therapy etc.

Social Prescribing seeks to address people's needs such as mental health, bereavement, social support and isolation. It is often referred to as a 'more than medicine' approach to well-being. 


Dramatic Recovery is socially prescribed by General Practises to  patients in Merseyside. This is commissioned by Care Merseyside- the award-winning social prescribing charity and Well-being Enterprises who offers non-clinical interventions in the community. Dramatic Recovery is a service provider on Elemental Software- the national

social prescribing hub. 



social prescribing

how to get involved

Individuals suffering with  bereavement, social isolation or mental health issues can be socially prescribed or referred to our weekly drama sessions which gives patients the opportunity to become creative, meet new people and use their imagination to tell a story. Within these sessions, we train beneficiaries to use the safe space we have created to use drama as their outlet to express themselves. Drama can help to break down barriers and also be the platform in discussing the 'taboo'. 

If you think that social prescribing will benefit you, please take a look at our partner pages for more information or contact us for inquiries. 

Care Merseyside

Well-being Enterprises

Elemental Software

bbc short film: 
how drama can help with grief

We are so proud to be a part of this BBC Short Film in collaboration with Ugly Bucket Theatre.

The video gives an insight to the power of social prescribing and how drama can help people express themselves and in this case, dissect the taboo of grief in a safe environment. 


For the full video go to:


We have been working in partnership with Malit in the Community/Dramatic Recovery for over a year and could not have predicted at the beginning of this journey, the amount of immeasurable impact it has had on both our beneficiaries and the value it has added to our own organisation. 

Anna and Megan are two of the most emotionally intelligent, sincere, respectful, hardworking and creative young ladies I have met. 

To be able to draw talent and expression out of our clients and bring joy and friendship to the groups has been truly astounding to witness. They have supported participants through a BBC Documentary, a Play at the Unity Theatre and helped them write their own scripts. 

As Shakespeare's Prospero once said, 'such stuff dreams are made on.'

At Well-being Enterprises, we have worked with Anna, Megan and the team on many occasions. We found them very reliable and professional. They have facilitated our drama courses on many occasions and we  had great results and feedback from participants. We look forward to working with them in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.




Discussions and interviews about the importance of arts in schools and how it can have a positive affect on issues such as mental health...

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