about us

Dramatic Recovery, (formerly known as Malit in Community) was registered as a Community Interest Company in March 2019 and rebranded in 2021.  

Dramatic Recovery is a mental health arts organisation. 

We promote and create positive mental health and well-being through the medium of drama and the arts. We are a unique mental health service as our methodology entails a creative edge like no other. We offer drama and writing workshops, socially prescribed sessions, verbatim theatre performances and events that have all been developed to boost well-being and address and break the taboo. 

who we are

Dramatic Recovery CIC is a collaboration between Andy Griffith, Paul Kincade, Anna Griffith, and Megan Peet.

Andy is an award-winning educational trainer, consultant and author. Paul was an award-winning community champion and arts specialist.  Joe Griffith of Big Light Productions, support us with content development.

Hayli Kincade is our musical lead with vast experience in musical therapy and singing for well-being.

Anna Griffith and Megan Peet are the creators, lead facilitators and directors of

 Dramatic Recovery. 


to our friends

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Our organisation will always be grateful to 

Lee Kent and Paul Kincade. 

Our colleagues and family that we sadly lost. 

We will carry their passion, creativity and positivity with us always, in honour of them to make a change for the better.