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  We create verbatim theatre (word for word performance taken from real experiences). We find this is the most raw and real way to convey a story and experience, especially a stigmatized topic that is usually unheard of.

Our strategy is to interview members of the public or people we have worked with and record their voices with their full consent. We then go on to add their voices to the variety of others and edit them all together weaving in and out of prominent themes. We perform the piece with visual theatre whilst the recorded voices are played aloud. These verbatim projects allow the individuals to have their voice heard and hear others that are similar. It also helps enlighten the audience on something they may not know much about, therefore bringing communities together.


verbatim projects

A verbatim piece dissecting stories from ages 6-80 of how we view and feel about your self-image.
real talk
good grief

For our verbatim projects, we like to address an issue that is current and stigmatised. We have created or contributed to the verbatim pieces below. 

A verbatim piece that explores male mental health through different themes and experiences.
We contributed to this verbatim piece about grief,  and bereavement with Ugly Bucket Theatre Company. 
We also create bespoke verbatim pieces for organisations or schools.
Contact us if you are interested in this service of ours.


Malit in the Community/Dramatic Recovery are an innovative organisation who have had such a successful start due to the love people have for Anna and Megan. They are two kind hearted, warm and friendly girls who do this because they want to make a difference. 

The highlight of getting to know them was attending their male mental health event that showcased the story of a group of men using verbatim theatre. This was something I had never seen before but it stayed with me for a long while and informed so many people about real life trauma like never before. 

Through Sean's Place, I hope to collaborate with Malit in the Community more in the future so that we can make a positive impact to those living with mental illness. 

The future is bright for this organisation and I feel lucky to know them. 

Debbie rogers
founder, sean's place

Malit in the Community/Dramatic Recovery are one of the most amazing, caring and professional organisations I have had the pleasure of working with. I had the honour of attending Anna and Megan's mental health event in January at which I watched an unforgettable verbatim theatre piece. The performance captured the heartbreaking reality of mental health illnesses and the issues which men encounter in a society still structured around toxic masculinity and stigma. The theatre piece included real life experiences which made it a lot more ‘real’ and therefore had a huge, lasting impact on everybody who attended, myself included. Malit in the Community has the power to make any room feel like a safe space with no stereotypes or judgement, which is why they are so successful in engaging people in activities they would never usually choose to do e.g. drama, poetry etc… all things which help benefit our mental health. Their beneficiaries are extremely lucky to have services provided by two extremely selfless and dedicated ladies, as are we at The Lee Cooper Foundation to work besides them and to have met them!


Don't Panic.png
A verbatim piece that explores generalised anxiety disorder.



Discussions and interviews about the importance of arts in schools and how it can have a positive affect on issues such as mental health...

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