Paul has spent his working life ‘Finding the champion in others’.  He started his career as a youth worker in the 1970s as a teenager.  His first venture into community work was helping park keepers in East London.  There, he helped to set up and run a youth club from scratch where young people could play music, sport and socialise.


An important aspect of that experience was to get a team of young people (volunteers) to support the park keepers in keeping the park, clean and trouble free. He left the initiative in the capable hands of the new team and left to find adventures in the West-End of London.


After returning to the park the local council set him up to begin training as a part-time youth worker, where he began studying for his full-time qualification at the YMCA College of Youth and Community Work. Later going on to study at Brunel University on the Informal Education degree level. 


Since then, Paul has been involved in countless projects most of these being in Liverpool, the city where he has resided since 1986. He has won a number of Community Champion Awards in Bootle, Stockbridge Village, and Toxteth. 


Paul has been a learning mentor, trainer, writer, a developer of creative programmes. He has been the director of Liverpool WAC, Showrunners, the Everyman Youth Theatre and has had a long collaboration with Malit Limited where he has run a number of successful inclusion projects.


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