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At Malit in the Community we love to use our skills as learning designers to create bespoke programmes, tackling current social issues which affect our society.


Features of projects involve learning over a longer time frame than what might be called a traditional course.


Projects can last anywhere between 10 and 100 hours. Projects require people to collaboratively to find a solution to a problem or big question they want to pursue such as:

  • How can we reduce hate crime?

  • How can we create a brilliant production?


Structuring projects involves a number of stages. Following these stages and examining the wisdom

within them will enable the completion of a variety of successful projects.


We are happy to talk to you about creating a bespoke project around the following areas:

  • The Arts

  • Community Cohesion

  • Community Engagement

  • Community Problem Solving

  • Reducing crime and hatred

We love a challenge and are always happy to have conversations around any type of project for people however young or old.

Design & Plan




Celebrate & Reflect

“This course made a real difference in students’ outlook, attitude and their relationships with staff. Students developed self-motivation and their maturity visibly grew.”

Wendy Daley

Assistant Headteacher, Hillside High School

“He has helped me think about the damage I was doing to the work of the teachers, other pupils and my own ability to enjoy being a success in school. He has helped me to have a more positive attitude towards teachers.” - Student

“Sir has been there for me when I was in danger of messing up and get kicked out of school. He believed that there was good in me, so I wanted to show that I had changed for the better by getting involved in voluntary work, giving something back to our school." - Student

If you are interested in any of

our sessions or programmes

please visit our contact page here. 

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