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Andy has an interesting work portfolio – teacher, trainer, consultant, writer and learning designer. In 1989 he qualified as a teacher and has taught in secondary schools in London and then Merseyside. In 2001 he became a part-time teacher after having had some education packs published – Equal Opportunities (Framework Press, 1999) and Citizens of the Future (Folens, 2001). It was then that he set up a course for students called 'Motivated and Loving It' which eventually morphed into the company, Malit Limited. During this time he was invited by Comic Relief and Sports Relief to write school-based resources based on the projects they were funding both in the UK and abroad. This led to Andy being directly involved with many projects in places such as London, Belfast, and Kenya.


As an educational trainer and consultant he has created many training courses and learning experiences that have helped schools to provide a better education for students, especially those from low income areas. He has trained thousands of teachers and his work has been recognised by organisations such as OfSTED. The Osiris Teaching Intervention (OTI) course that he created in 2006 has been recognised in the prestigious TES Awards. It still continues to this day delivered by a team of excellent trainers around the UK.


Andy has co-written two best-selling books: Engaging Learners (2012),Teaching Backwards (2014). He is also the co-writer of The Learning Imperative (2018). This latest book was the winner of the best human resources book in 'The Business Books of the Year Awards' in 2019. They are all published by Crownhouse.

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